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Zions National Park Activities

Hikers of all skill levels can find challenging and enjoyable hiking trails at Zion National Park. For an easy challenge, hikers can take the Riverside Walk trail to stroll along the quiet Virgin River. This trail also features a number of exhibits about the surrounding area. The Watchman Trail offers a moderately difficult hike with excellent views of the park's terrain at the end. Finally, for those who love difficult hikes and heights, Angels Landing features a difficult trail with some of the best views available in the park.

Bird enthusiasts can find over 200 species of birds within Zion National Park. Due to the park's amazing range in ecosystems, the park's plant life can support a number of different bird species, including finches, ducks and ravens. Some lucky visitors have even caught a rare glimpse of a bald eagle, California condor or Peregrine falcon. Bird fans need to only find a quiet place in the park to observe a variety of fascinating bird species.

For visitors who want a true outdoor experience at Zion National Park, camping spots are available. The park offers three campgrounds spread through the park's terrain. These campgrounds offer limited support to provide some basic comforts of home. At night, campers can enjoy the amazing sights of a star-filled sky. During the day, campers will have easy access to the rest of the park's delights.

Some visitors choose to see the beauty of Zion National Park without leaving their car or the park's shuttle bus. The Zion Canyon Scenic Drive offers a look at the stunning rock formations that run through the entire park. During the quieter sections of the drive, some park visitors may even spot a mountain lion, mule deer or porcupine.

Finally, for visitors who want to learn more about the park, Zion National Park offers plenty of ranger-led programs. These informative programs seek to educate park visitors about the history, geology and biology of the park. Some activities take visitors on short hikes to see isolated sections of the park. Other activities help to educate park visitors about the night sky or the park's diverse plant life.