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Search our Zion directory for accommodations that suit you! Choose from a complete list of hotels and lodging options near Zion National Park. Each listing offers information such as a general property description, amenities, services, prices, special deals and contact information. The Zion Lodging room search allows you to view all hotels with availability for your specific dates. All the hotels we offer have been rated and approved by AAA and the Mobile Travel Guide, the authorities in hotel inspection.

Most lodging options offer special rooms for families, including over-sized rooms and rollaway beds.

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About the Zion National Park

Zion National Park in Utah was the first national park to be established in the Beehive State. Zion is a 229-square mile park that is located near the small town of Springdale, Utah. The main attraction in the park is the famous Zion Canyon that is cut up to one-half mile deep into the rocks. The first humans to inhabit the region were small bands of Native Americans that included the forerunners of the Anasazi. William Howard Taft first protected the region when he was president in 1909 by making it an official national monument named Mukuntuweap National Monument. Because of a belief that Indian and Spanish names made places less likely destinations for Americans, the National Park Service changed the name of the monument to Zion in 1918.