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Yosemite National Park Activities

Visiting Yosemite National Park is fun for the entire family. It happens to be one of the most stunning and most often visited National Parks in the United States. There is so much to do and see in Yosemite National Park that it could take a few days to enjoy the natural wonders of the entire park.

Yosemite National Park hosts over 3.5 million visitors and tourists every year. The park spans a massive 1189 square miles, with the most visited area being the Yosemite Valley that covers 7 miles of the park. The park draws in plenty of mountain climbers. It has so much to offer such as hiking, rafting the rivers, biking, skiing, professional photography and even snowshoeing at the Badger Pass and Camping site. The park itself is about 200 miles from San Francisco, California.

Yosemite National Park accommodates many visitors yearly with a wide variety of cabins, hotels, RV lots and campgrounds. Whether you want to camp out in a cool, wooded area in a tent, or park your RV and camp directly inside the park or cozy up with family or friends in a stylish cabin, they park has plenty of options for your enjoyment.

People who visit Yosemite National Park get to enjoy many of the country's gorgeous landmarks. One of Yosemite's world famous waterfalls, the Bridal Veil Falls, is a delight to see. There are many stunning rock formations are here in Yosemite such as the Half-dome and the El Capitan. The El Capitan rises up to 3,000 feet in the air.

A must see in Yosemite National Park is the giant, beautiful trees in the Mariposa Grove This is the biggest Redwood tree grove in Yosemite. The Sequoia trees tower over the park with some of them standing at over 200 feet tall. The park takes great care to preserve these beautiful trees.

Animal and bird lovers enjoy the plentiful fauna and flora that adorn Yosemite National Park. Year after year, Yosemite National Park brings in a new generation of visitors. The park is accessible by car, bike or bus from central California. Yosemite National Park is truly a wonderful and memorable time for everyone in the family to see.