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Yellowstone National Park - General Park Information

Yellowstone National Park is the oldest and one of the most beautiful national parks in the United States. It was founded during the years of America's great transcontinental age as the citizenship was expanding and the government was looking to set aside large sections of land for the enjoyment of its citizens and the preservation of the country's vast natural resources. With its unique history and supreme natural beauty, there are a great number of things for visitors to do at Yellowstone.

Native Americans originally settled Yellowstone over eleven thousand years ago. As European Americans traveled westward, they realized what a beautiful area Yellowstone was. In 1872, after an expedition by Ferdinand V. Hayden, President Ulysses Grant signed a law creating Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone grew and grew over the years as paved roads enabled folks to drive into the park and wonder at all of the natural beauty around them. Since its founding, a couple million tourists visit Yellowstone National Park every year.

Yellowstone is known for its erupting geysers, vast forests, beautiful waterfalls, breathtaking mountains, scenic meadows and much more. In addition to these, the park has numerous lakes, rivers and streams. Yellowstone has an abundance of birds and animals that are protected under national and park laws thus enabling visitors to enjoy them every year. Wildlife in and around Yellowstone include grizzly bears, wolves, elk, buffalo, mountain goat, porcupine, lynx and bighorn sheep. Visitors have a very good chance to take fantastic pictures of the animals at the park.

There is a large variety of things for visitors to do. While it can be overwhelming to think about how to begin, Yellowstone has a number of visitor centers and museums to give information and provide visitors with the resources they need. The parks have wonderful motels and lodges for folks to stay overnight. In certain places around Yellowstone, there are paved and wooden trails for people to walk on and experience the natural beauty of the park. Hiking trails and paved roads provide people of all ages a fantastic experience of exploring Yellowstone National Park.