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Glacier National Park Activities

Glacier National Park is one of the most spectacular of the crown jewels of our national park system. The park is named for the huge glaciers that were once found in the park. Over time, various warming and cooling trends have reduced the size and number of glaciers. Of the 150 that once existed only 25 remain. Many visitors come to Glacier National Park to enjoy the natural beauty and see the remaining glaciers.

Glacier National Park is located in northern Montana on the border of the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. It encompasses one million acres of land. You can get to the Park by flying into Glacier International Airport, 30 miles west of the western entrance to the park. You can also fly into Missoula, Montana, which is 150 miles south of the western entrance to the park. Amtrak has a train line that goes to both East Glacier and West Glacier.

Scientists have found evidence of human use in the area that is now Glacier National Park from 10,000 years ago. Europeans came to the area much later to trap animals for their pelts. By the 1800s, those familiar with the area began to work toward protecting its extraordinary beauty by making it a national park. President Taft designated it as a national park in 1932.

Visitors can choose from a number of different lodging establishments within the park, from modern hotels to rustic cabins. Book as early as possible to ensure that you have a place for the time of your visit. The park also has 13 frontcountry campgrounds.

Visitors to the park may be able to catch a glimpse of elk, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, gray wolf, wolverines, lynx, cougars and grizzly bears. In addition, a number of smaller mammals live in park as park of its complex ecology.

Glacier National Park offers 700 miles of trails for hikers to enjoy. Boating, fishing, bicycling and cross-country skiing are also available. A number of ranger-led programs and special events are held throughout the year.