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Search our Canyonlands directory for accommodations that suit you! Choose from a complete list of hotels and lodging options near Canyonlands National Park. Each listing offers information such as a general property description, amenities, services, prices, special deals and contact information. The Canyonlands Lodging room search allows you to view all hotels with availability for your specific dates. All the hotels we offer have been rated and approved by AAA and the Mobil Travel Guide, the authorities in hotel inspection.

Most lodging options offer special rooms for families, including over-sized rooms and rollaway beds.

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About the Canyonlands National Park

It is believed that Native Americans of the Paleo-Indian culture roamed in the region of Canyonlands National Park perhaps as far back as 10,000 years. The hunters and gatherers were following after the herds of large game animals and were also gathering the edible plants in the area. The proof of these groups' existence can still be found in the artifacts they left behind. Their spear throwers, projectile points, pictographs and fire hearths are visible to this day.

In the 1776 time frame, the Navajo, Ute and Paiute Indians were dwelling in the region. It was at this time that the Padres, Escalante and Dominguez were trying to find a route from Monterey in California to Santa Fe in New Mexico. The southern area of Utah was considered by the United States to be a possession of the Spaniards upon the signing in 1819 of the Adams Onis treaty. It was not until 1859 that accurate maps of the area were drawn after Captain John N Macomb was sent by the Army to explore the Colorado Plateau. He was looking for a new wagon route to run from New Mexico to Utah.