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Getting to Bryce Canyon National Park

People who travel the North American continent enjoy seeing the natural beauty and wonders of nature that such trips can provide. The United States, in particular, is full of wide-open spaces and areas that are so gorgeous they must be seen to believed. Bryce Canyon National Park, Bryce Canyon, UT is one of the country's great National Parks, and it is also one of the most picturesque. However, the park is also one of the most remote parks in the National Park system. Because of its location in southwestern Utah, it is situated far from major cities and population centers, making it difficult for some people to reach. Fortunately, those who make the trip find that the journey to the park is almost as exciting as the time spent in Bryce Canyon itself.

Getting to Bryce Canyon National Park is best done by automobile. The closest airports to the park are nearly 300 miles away, making driving a virtual necessity for anyone who wants to see the the canyon or any other area attractions. Thankfully, the park is located reasonably close to Interstate 15, which runs in a north-south configuration just west of Bryce Canyon. The presence of the Interstate make it simple for most people to get to the park.

From the north, people visiting Bryce Canyon should take Interstate 15 south to Utah State Road 20, which they should follow east until they reach US 89. Then, visitors need to take US 89 south to UT 12, which they will follow to the east. Finally, travelers will need to get on UT 63 south. This will lead them into the park and its visitor center.

From the south, travelers should follow Interstate 15 north to UT 9. This road will take them through the gorgeous Zion National Park to reach US 89. Then, visitors will need to take US 89 north until they reach UT 12. After taking UT 12 east, visitors should turn onto UT 63 heading south toward the park. Regardless of which direction travelers drive to reach the park, they should always check road conditions for possible hazards or closures before they set out. If the roads are clear, they can enjoy one of the most wonderful drives to reach Bryce Canyon National Park.