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Getting to Banff National Park

One of the more popular vacation destinations in the Dominion of Canada is Banff National Park. As a part of the Canadian Rockies, Banff is located in one of the most impressive landscapes in all of North America. Abundant wildlife and majestic mountain peaks with glaciers make a trip to Banff a wonderful experience for just about everyone.

There are a number of ways to get to Banff National Park. Unlike many national parks in America, one of the leading highways in all of Canada runs through the park. The Trans Canada Highway (Highway 1) runs through the park and has exits to some of the more important areas of Banff National Park. The Trans Canada runs from Ontario in the east to British Columbia in the west. Guests can enter the park via Highway 1 going in either direction, and these entrances are the most common points of entry to the park. Banff is about 80 miles (128 kilometers) to the west of Calgary. The drive should take about 1.5 hours. Major towns like Regina and Winnipeg sit to the east and the Trans Canada provides a link to the park. Vancouver, on the western coast of Canada is about 500 miles (850 km) to the west of park, and Highway 1 links Vancouver as well. Visitors from Vancouver can expect to take a hard day of driving to reach the park.

Those coming from the north near Edmonton should take Highway 16 and then connect with Route 93 in Jasper National Park. Route 93 then connects with Highway 1 and provides access to Banff National Park. Routes 2 and 93 both run into the Trans Canada Highway from the United States border in the South, and Americans may want to take these routes into Canada.

When in Banff, it is important to look at the various signs that direct visitors to the more important sights. Visitors should stop in the town of Banff for information. Lake Louise is an impressive alpine lake that is just 4 km off of Highway 1. All visitors should take Lake Louise in during their trip to Banff National Park.